Coconut Oil For Acne Guide Coconut Oil For Acne Guide

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quality of coconut oil

HDL cholesterol levels may increase

Indeed, coconut oil contributes to an increase of the cholesterol level, however, it mainly contains HDL cholesterol. This form of cholesterol is not only completely harmless to the heart, it even improves its protection.

Coconut oil and calories

It is true that fat has more calories than other food components. However, because the coconut oil having a high proportion of medium-chain fatty acids, it causes the body to fewer calories than is the case with the oils with predominantly long chain fatty acids.
The fatty acids in coconut oil stimulate the body to the formation of heat. Characterized the power consumption and part of the calories of the coconut oil increases already burnt before it can store in the body as fat. In this way, coconut oil can even support weight loss, when used in a reasonable extent.

Coconut oil and protect against infection

Fat - especially fatty acids - cause the body not alone energy. The lauric acid , for example, when it is the main ingredient in coconut oil is to fight pathogens in the situation. Viruses and bacteria kill them safely, and very likely also fungi.

The use of coconut oil in the kitchen

Coconut oil can be used extraordinarily diverse in the kitchen. Moreover, it is exceptionally durable and extremely heat resistant.
Most other vegetable fats can be damaged by light, oxygen and above all by strong heat. In case of overheating to substances hazardous to health may be formed. Coconut oil, however, remains even after prolonged storage - even under non-optimal conditions - high unchanged.
Due to its outstanding heat resistance, it can also be used for cooking, baking and frying without further notice. Coconut products are a good alternative to milk and milk products.
To replace them with herbal products is increasingly necessary because many people suffer today on a lactose intolerance. Coconut milk can replace milk as a beverage as well as coconut oil and coconut meat other dairy products.

Coconut fat in the body care

The cosmetics industry is already used in numerous products, some components of the coconut. They are used in soaps, shower gels and shampoos, as well as in skin care products such as hand cream, skin cream and body butter.
Due to the excellent care properties of coconut it is very often used for natural cosmetic products.
Coconut oil has the advantage of having just a few unsaturated fatty acids and very quickly penetrate into skin and hair. It provides effective protection and long lasting moisture loss and is very well suited for people with dry skin.


Naurbelassenes and thus high-quality organic coconut fat is not harmful to health with certainty. Only partially hydrogenated coconut fats may contain harmful trans fats . By looking at the label of the goods, the purchase such processed coconut products can be easily avoided because the legislature prescribes to specify the partial softening on the label of the product.
Particularly high-quality organic coconut oil contains a high percentage of lauric acid and is easily digestible. Another reason for the use of organic coconut oil is be more pleasant, and in many people popular taste.
Although the positive properties of organic coconut oil outweigh thoroughly, it should not be used as the only oil in the kitchen. Since it contains only a few, necessary for the human body essential fatty acids, it is important that the coconut oil is applied alternately with other high quality, organic oils in the kitchen.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Right Type Of Natural Treatment For Acne

The Right Type Of Natural Treatment For AcneIf you want your acne to break out then better forget about it and think of treating it as well. There are lots of commercial products being offered in the store, TV and so on but the thing is you cannot be sure of them. What will give you an assurance is choosing the right type of natural treatment for acne in teenagers.

If you have it right now then admit it, it is not a good experience to have it. You are most of the time ashamed to go out and it may also lessen your confidence in talking to other people. You must therefore do all means to treat it. Treating it does not mean hell, it is only easy when talking about the natural method.
It is recommended to solve it immediately before they will occupy your whole face which is awful for you. Basically, many of them believe that young ones are the usual victims of acne but it is not really the case. It could occur to anyone who is not taking good care of his or her self especially the face. Eruptions are part of the experience and this is not really good.

Women are the ones who experience pimples and blemished during their early years. There are many natural treatments being given these days but you have to choose only the best and the right one. There is also a need for you to research and then pick what is right.

Aloe vera is known to treat acne other than sunburns. Take a sufficient amount on your finger then apply it evenly to your face. The amount of aloe must be enough to be applied on the whole area. No need for you to apply greater glob or piece of it, it is not the only basis.

Have it done in the morning to give chance to your pores to open and then close perhaps in the evening. Let your pores breathe by making it as your face wash once a week. Put the thickest amount for thirty minutes then wash it warm water.
After washing your face, get a washcloth and then put it in the warm water. Squeeze it and use it to cover your entire face for sixty seconds or a minute. This method will open the pores and catch the toxins by using the washcloth. Do this method again as needed before washing your face again with cold water to close every pore and to avoid toxins from getting inside.
The final step is called the method of prevention. Avoid popping your acne or pimples because popping them will stretch the pores making it possible for toxins to get in. It will be easier for them to get in since your pores are already stretched out.

It is expected to give you the good result that you want after using. It may be impossible but yes it is right there and you can use it every time you need to. Just be sure of what you are buying or using to avoid problems in the future.

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Coconut oil for acne

Coconut oil for acne